We want each of the major candidates in the Wentworth by-election to understand the extent of support for a more just and humane refugee policy in Australia. Four of them attended our forum on Sunday October 14. Only Labor's Tim Murray and Liberal Dave Sharma didn't attend. Can you ask them to make a public statement on these issues before the by-election on Saturday?

I believe in the fair and just treatment of refugees and people seeking asylum. I'm deeply worried about the reports I hear in the news about the medical emergency facing refugee children on Nauru and the fact that people seeking asylum living in our communities are becoming destitute due to cuts to basic welfare support.

Will you commit to making a public statement on refugee and asylum issues before the election on October 20?

Four of your fellow candidates attend a forum organised by Wentworth for Refugees on Sunday 14 October and shared their vision for refugee policy in Australia. We are now calling on you to provide yours.

We have an opportunity in Wentworth to send a message to our fellow Australians that we can do better for people fleeing persecution and seeking protection here.

A strong and compassionate voice in parliament for refugee rights is what Wentworth, and Australia, needs.

I hope to hear your position before I go to the polling booth on Saturday.

Yours in hope,

Will you sign?