Wentworth for Refugees

Did your candidate attend our forum on Sunday 14 October?

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Dr Kerryn Phelps


Dave Sharma


Tim Murray


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Right now, there are close to 100 refugee children who have been held on Nauru for more than five years. Doctors are calling it a humanitarian emergency and saying the mental health of many children is deteriorating rapidly. They are warning that if these children and their families are not evacuated a child’s life could be lost.

Meanwhile, here in Australia, due to the government’s cuts to life-saving support services and income support, thousands of people are being left with no income. Families with young children, pregnant women and people aged over 60 are among those at risk of destitution and homelessness.

While the country’s attention is on Wentworth you have the chance to help these people. On Sunday 14 October, four candidates shared their visions for refugee and asylum policy. Only Labor's Tim Murray and Liberal Dave Sharma were missing of those invited.

Will you help us ask Murray and Sharma to make a statement before Saturday?

We want each of the major candidates in the Wentworth by-election to understand the extent of support for a more just and humane refugee policy in Australia. Four of them attended our forum on Sunday October 14. Only Labor's Tim Murray and Liberal Dave Sharma didn't attend. Can you ask them to make a public statement on these issues before the by-election on Saturday?